ElevateShrimp Staple Gold growth food

  • $ 6.00

No more fighting over food!  Allow your babies and adults easy access to food for max growth and health.  
This food is the ideal food for feeding large colonies, especially juvenile sized shrimp. caridina, neocaridina and sulawesi shrimp go crazy to get a piece of this food.


Staple Gold provides a quickly consumed source of protein that is essential for fast and healthy growth for your whole colony.  The size and lightweight composition allow for mature and juvenile shrimp alike to pick up a piece and carry it away to be eaten safely in a low stress environment. 

Feed 1 pellet for every 2-3 shrimp at first. Feeding multiple times a day will accelerate the growth and breeding of your shrimp, but only feed as much as the colony will eat without excess.


Guaranteed Analysis: crude protein: 40%, crude fats 2.8%, crude fiber: 3%, ash 9%