ElevateShrimp Catappa 10-pack (+ 2 mini & 2 large leaf rings)

  • $ 15.00

These regular sized catappa leaves (aka Indian almond leaves) are a classic and must have leaf for every shrimp tank.  They contain a variety of organic acids, like humic and tannic acids, which crate an environment that inhibits many kinds of harmful bacteria and fungus from growing.  The catappa leaf can also detoxify harmful heavy metals in the water and also hinder the lifecycle of parasites.  Once the leaf starts to break down the shrimp will consume the leafs nutritional fiber and biofilm. 

Each bag contains 10, 6-9 inch leaves.

In addition to each bag, we will include 2 mini and 2 large suction rings for you to organize your leaves to keep them tidy and off the substrate.