All-in-One High Capacity Pro Breeder - Aqueon Conversion System

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This Taiwan style breeding system has everything you need to start breeding shrimp! 

We've learned from the best shrimp keepers in the world (they're all in Taiwan) to elevate your shrimp experience to the next level.


Suitable for beginner and advanced shrimp hobbyists alike. Customized filter section allows complete control over water filtration preferences.  

Bio-rings or bio-rocks?  Chemical filtration pads or Purigen? Water polishing micron pads or high poret sponge?   Well, you could have it all!


We've figured it out, so you don't have to!

A large stainless steel intake guard guarantees high water flow rates while protecting every baby during the breeding process. 

Enjoy the superior features of using a canister filter, but without the maintenance. 

Replace filter pads at the top of the system without any disassembly, filter maintenance that takes 30 seconds .  You can use purigen and other mixed media to keep you water cleaner too!   Increase your water purity without increasing your maintenance commitments.  


This filter is the first on the market to support micron filtration with 30 second maintenance.  

No more smushing sponges in buckets nor dancing around a canister filter in your shower!  Simply take out the filter pad from the top and replace.  

Designed after the professional breeders in Taiwan, do it like the pros! 


Graduate from aquarium sponge filters that clog quickly and can crash your system at peak breeding times.  Dual sponge filters work but also need a loud air pump to power them... not to mention cleaning is dirty and a lot of work.  Mattenfilter?  Good luck when it clogs in 8 months and you'll have no way to easily fix algae, random death and baby loss. 


 This is the first economical complete filter system for shrimp keepers!


Completely silent filtration and 30 second maintenance makes this the best shrimp filter on the market.


Breeding kit Includes:

  • Pro breeder acrylic filter partition with stainless steel mesh. Hand assembled and sourced USA.
  • Hydor brand Pico 200 centrifugal pump ($25 value!) with high quality silicone output tube
  • Filter pads: 3 Floss style Filter pads
  • High density foam reusable sponge
  • ElevateShrimp Fishless cycling capsule