Turbo Diffuser Flow Upgrade Kit for Dual-Sponge Filters

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Options: Turbo Flow Diffuser upgrade kit (with 2 clip-on grow pads)
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Turbo Flow upgrade kit for the classic XY-2822 (large) or XY-2831 (mini) dual sponge filters.   For a limited time, a free pair of clip-on plant grow-pads ($6 value) will be automatically included.


How does it work?

The Turbo Flow Diffuser upgrade modifies the airflow to create higher pressure and increased suction force.  The stock inlet is a single hole in the wall that releases bubbles that powers the filter.  Our upgrade increases the suction power per bubble and the uptake water flow.  The nifty design increases the pressure at the lowest point of the uptake tube by diffusing the air into fine bubbles.  The Turbo Diffuser creates a powerful laminar flow that will drastically increase the effectiveness of your sponge filter’s mechanical and biological (nitrogen cycle bacteria) filtration. The duckbill outlet head is designed to spread the flow into a wide waterfall.  The outlet diverts the increased flow to therefore additionally increase surface agitation, water circulation, and oxygenation.


Standard upgrade kit contains a 3D printed Turbo Diffuser & Outlet Cap set + double layer clip-on plant pads, made with our special PLA plastic. 

If you need the sponge filter, the Complete Turbo Flow XY Filter option includes a XY-2822 (or XY-2831) filter with an upgrade kit pre-installed and ready to go.  

Turbo Diffusers come with a limited lifetime warranty when purchased through our website.   We will replace any Turbo Diffuser defect in fitment or functionality under normal use and service after proper installation and is valid for the life of the part.


We pride ourselves in sourcing our plastics locally in Massachusetts and guarantee our plastics are of the highest quality and free of questionable co-polymer binder ingredients, contaminants, and chemicals.     

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