Sponge Filter Bio-Film Reactor Attachment

Size: 3 Inch
Sale price$ 25.00


Turn your XY or ATI Brand sponge filters (or any sponge filter that can accept a 20mm outside diameter) into a biofilm producing machine.  With this attachment, simply route air line tubing through the unit and onto the sponge filter, attach the biofilter to the top replacing the stock tube and you're set!

The biofilm reactor will start to mature with nitrifying ("cycling") biofilm on the white media. Once biofilm starts to grow on the media, the tumbling motion created by the air will knock biofilm clusters off of media as it "self-cleans", which will release the excess biofilm into the aquarium.  

Shrimp are low level organisms and their diet revolves around the consumption of biofilms.  This product will create a self-sustainable food source that will feed your shrimp and increase your baby survival rate .  The filters primary function will help create a strong and reliable cycle in your aquarium.  This reactor will keep your ammonia levels low and stable.

  • Media is included
  • Two sizes available:    3 inch and 6 inch 
    • 3 Inch can handle bioloads up to 20 gallons 
    • 6 Inch can handle bioloads up to 40 gallons 
  • Installation instructions included
  • Removable top, sealed bottom

Please advise that the top of the reactor must be completely submerged to work properly.  The 6 inch size adds 6.5 inches to the top of your sponge filter.

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