Leaf Holder Rings

Size: Mini
Color: Clear White
Sale price$ 1.50


These leaf holding rings allow you to organize your leaf litter and keep your substrate healthy and oxidized.  Leaf litter can not only clutter your tank, but it can lead to collecting piles of waste and debris underneath.  That in addition to an anaerobic zone can create a lot of problems for a under maintained shrimp tank.   The mini rings are perfect for smaller leafs, while the large rings are best suited for jumbo sized leaves or a large set of leaves.

The finished product also provides an excellent shelter for adult and baby shrimp and it provides them with a convenient source of biofilm and puts them in closer proximity to the natural benefits of leaf litter. 

To create these leaf shelters, simply soak your leaves in a container until they become pliable without cracking (about an hour, but ultimately depending on the leaf type) using the rings helps weigh them down.  Then fold them into a roll and insert them into the ring until snug.  The mini size is recommended for most leaves.

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