Hair Algae Killer

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This hair algae killer is shrimp and plant safe and has been tested here on freshwater neocaridina shrimp and also on our most sensitive caridina shrimp variety. This product will weaken all filament algae such as green hair algae & black beard algae (BBA) and possibly outright kill it through the dosing regimen.  This product also has shown to significantly reduce the presence of green spot algaes.

The recommended dosing regimen is 4mL per 10 gallons, weekly for 4 weeks.  Applying the liquid directly to the worse areas is recommended.  

While this product will work on its own, the presence of algae within the aquarium indicates an imbalance of nutrients (N-P-K and or micro nutrients) that is enviably the cause of algaes in the first place.  Most often, reducing light intensity or duration while using this product will also help defeat tough algaes such as cladaphora and black beard algae.

There are three sizes available:  4oz treats up to 30 gallons, 8oz- treats up to 60 gallons and 1 Liter treats up to 240 gallons

Does not contain hydrogen peroxide nor glutaraldehyde.  Store in a dark location.

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