Ebi No Seicho - Shrimp Color

Ebi No Seicho - Shrimp Color

  • $ 12.00


A powdered food designed for young and developing adults

Contains amino acids and essential fatty acids for good growth and full color.

Rich in vitamins and minerals to aid shell development and to unlock your shrimps true color potential.


1 to 2 level scoops from the included spoon per 15 shrimps.

Best results when supplement with Ebi No Seicho “Shrimp Basic”, but not required.

Powder will slowly sink to the bottom of your tank after 10-15 minutes.


Krill, wheat protein, squid, omega-3, gammarus, daphnia, grasshopper, worm, red seaweed, yeast, green mussel, brine shrimp, moringa, chicory, spinach, bloodworm, nannochloropsis, rosemary, cabbage, spirulina, lemon balm, garlic, pimpernel, chlorella, fennel, anise, pollen, grapeseed