Ebi No Seicho - Shrimp Boost

Ebi No Seicho - Shrimp Boost

  • $ 14.00

Increases the survival rate of juvenile and very young shrimp due to the protein rich composition.

Shrimp Boost sticks slowly break down into a course powder once it underwater and will feed many young shrimp without the stress of competing with larger mature shrimp as they all search for morsels of food.



2 mini sticks for 20 shrimps every 2 days

Best when supplemented with Ebi No Seicho “Shrimp Basic”



Fish mean, corn starch, yeast, spirulina, shrimp meal


Developed by Shrimpsforall. Tested and approved by our award winning breeders

 “Ebi no Seicho” brand products are manufactured in laboratory conditions