Ebi No Seicho - Shrimp Basic

Ebi No Seicho - Shrimp Basic

  • $ 12.00

Daily use:
For both adults and juveniles.
Perfect balance between minerals and protein. 


(To be adapted according to the number of shrimps in the aquarium)
Feed approximately a pinch for 10 shrimps.
Feed every day or every 2 days alternating with Ebi No Seicho "Shrimp Boost".

Leaves, nettles, fish meal, krill, cereals.


Protein 52.0%, Fat 4.8%, Fiber 6.8%, Ash 7.2%, humidity 6.0% 

Developed by Shrimpsforall. Tested and approved by our award winning breeders

 “Ebi no Seicho” brand products are manufactured in laboratory conditions