Ebi No Seicho - Ebi Crispz

Ebi No Seicho - Ebi Crispz

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Good protein content with a mix of green vegetables

Increases growth and colors

The ideal mix for your shrimps for balanced nutrition



Feed approximately 2-3 Ebi Crispz granules for every 15 shrimp, or ideally a similar size portion of various sized Crispz. 

Salmon meal, wheat gluten, krill, spinach, green cabbages, krill meal, amino acids (lysine and threonine), seaweeds, minerals, salmon oil, vitamin, rosemary extract.



Protein 44.0%, fat 5.5%, fiber 6.6%, ash 5.8%, humidity 6.0%

Developed by Shrimpsforall. Tested and approved by our award winning breeders

 “Ebi no Seicho” brand products are manufactured in laboratory conditions