Stainless Steel Mesh Guard Attachments for Python water change system or 2" diameter siphons

  • $ 25.00

These attachments feature an embedded stainless steel mesh guard to keep out large debris such as soil and baby shrimp.

The "surface puller" attachment is ideal for cleaning your substrate without sucking up your fine gravels.  The surface puller can be placed deep under the substrate for a deep clean but be advised that organic matter will clog up quickly whilst doing that.

The "rake" attachment is ideal for disturbing dirty and compacted substrate without having to worry about sucking up your substrate (and don't forget baby shrimp!).  We recommend that the rake and surface puller be used together, first the rake and lastly the surface puller to totally clean the top layers. 

See this piece in action here!

 note: price is based upon manufacture time and embedding technique