Black Normal- Platinum Soil Buffering Aquasoil for Shrimp and Planted tanks

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100% Japanese natural black ash soil very similar to the renowned ADA Japanese aquasoil. Maintains a soft water environment that is ideal for growing aquatic plants and breeding freshwater shrimp (especially caridina shrimp) for a long time. The buffering power of the soil can absorb pigment leached by driftwood, the phosphates that lead to algae, etc. is adsorbed by the power of the natural soil.

Platinum Soil will give you crystal clear waters and a beautiful substrate ready to grow lush plants.


● Weakly acidic to Distilled/RO water PH measurement (6.0) PH 5.14 ●

8 Liter bag - 16 lbs of substrate


Normal: Particle size 3.0mm-5.0mm

Powder: Particle size 1.6mm-3.0mm

Super powder: Particle size 0.6mm-1.6mm