Only business pages can post auction listings.  Unverified Personal Account Postings will be reviewed. Any violation of our community rules will result in a permanent removal from the group.

ime Extension rule: 
When an auction is about to end, any bids within the last 5 minutes of it ending will increase the duration by an additional 5 minutes.  This is to counteract sniping. 

Example: Auction ends at 8:00pm EST and I bid at 7:58pm, the new auction end time is now 8:03pm. 

Auctions and Giveaways Only

No Editing of Auctions - Delete and repost

Use this template for your auction listing, you may add anything:

* Item(s):
* Starting Bid: $
* Minimum Bid Increment: $
* Closing Time: Day / Time in Eastern Time
* Shipping: $
* Payment Accepted: PayPal  
* Care and Requirements:  Water parameters
* Comment (optional):
* DOA Policy: List your DOA terms if you have any.
* Must Read all Rules before posting an auction or bidding

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