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I finally got the last bag of gravel from Petco! They ended up only sending me 2/3 bags but made things right in the end!  Their gravel is a bit sandy, but if you wash it properly all the sand will be at the bottom and easy to separate.  Having a little bit of sand in the tank will not be an issue because the canister filter will pick it out.    

Here's what 60 pounds of gravel looks like in a 36" by 18"  40 gallon breeder tank filled with dechlorinated tap water.

The sponge is from a colonized tank to assist with the cycling process.  I also dose the water with 3ppm ammonia.


My room is great looking now! 


Leave a comment below if you have any questions!  I left out a few details like the contents of my canister filters and the method of tank cycling, but I'll be happy to share my methods if you guys are interested.  


Until next time!



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